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On the 19th of February I was very shocked and sad to hear that Kelly Groucutt had died of a heart attack, I was lucky enough to meet Kelly many times and I will miss his talent,sense of humour, and friendship.
I went to a couple of the OrKestra gigs back in 1988.
I think this was my first VIP backstage pass
Photo  Martin Kinch From way back in 1988 at a party after an OrKestra gig at The Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton, Kelly Groucutt, Martin Kinch, and Mik Kaminski, (We all had more hair then)
Photo  Martin Kinch And the same three again - 18 years later at Kelly and Anna's wedding
I went to see ELO Part 2 on their first tour at the NEC Birmingham on May the 28th 1991. The gig also featured The Moscow Symphony Orchestra and was filmed and released on video
After the concert I was invited to a party at The Metropole Hotel next to the NEC
The party was hosted by Kelly and Mik and even had posh invitation cards
Photo  Martin Kinch Other members of ELO Part 2 were there including Hugh McDowell, here he is on the left with me and Kelly
Photo  Martin Kinch This photo is of Kelly, Me and 'Chip' Hawkes - (formerly of The Tremeloes) It was taken at a party after a Roy Wood gig at the Derby Assembly Hall in 1997
Photo  Martin Kinch Taken on the same night, I remember Kelly calling me over to take a picture of him and Roy Wood, I said let's make it a silly one !! So he pulled some of Roy's hair over his bald head.
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