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Carl Wayne passed away on Tuesday the 31st August 2004 - Up untill a few weeks before his death, he was still touring as the lead singer in The Hollies. I had always been a big fan of his and was pleased to meet him for the first time at a Roy Wood gig at 'The Venue' in London in 1981.When I asked if I could have a picture taken with him he said "Of course - but let's get Woody in it, and Rick Price is here somewhere as well", and he went to find him. So Carl was responsible for getting this picture together. Carl, Roy, Me and Rick. Pity Bev Bevan wasn't there to complete the Shazam album line up !
Photo  Martin Kinch The next time I met Carl was at the Heroes and Villains charity concert at The Hammersmith Odeon in London on 21st September 1982. The concert was held to celebrate 15 years of BBC Radio 1 and raised money for The Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre. I took some pictures, they are not that good, but these are two of the better ones

Well it was a very cheap camera !

Photo  Martin Kinch Carl sang Flowers in the rain, Blackberry way, Fire brigade, and I can hear the grass grow. He was backed by Birmingham band Magnum.
Photo's  Martin Kinch and ruined by him as well ! I took some more pictures after the concert, but for some strange reason, I cut them up to put in my scrapbooks and I have no idea where the negatives are :-(
As he left that night, he said "Let's keep in touch" which we did
Carl knew I was a presenter for Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio, and when I asked if he'd do an interview for us, he was more than happy to do one and even invited us to his house to record it. Here we are being serious at the kitchen table
Looking at my scrapbooks in the lounge
Posing in the hall
And erm.. holding hands in the music room
A cuddle in his dressing room at the Dominion Theatre in 1989 where Carl was appearing as Dandini in Cinderella with Jim Davidson
Carl's ex Move mate Rick Price was the associate producer - and the show also featured Rick's wife, Diane Lee as Cinderella.
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